The Black Beast - Nissan Skyline R34

"Wall of thank you"

Roger Tärnestig, Ljudstudion
Reine Neumann, Rayder Design
Tobian Nilsson, Bilpedanten >>>

Other that helped out!

Klaus, FVK-Engineering >>>

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RIJO Solfilm

Rota Sweden

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Chaper two begins - The Beast is alive!

So the project starts once again! Now with a more solid goal. I will now call the car Nismo GTT500.

The new logo:

Nismo GTT500

The goal with this chapter is and that is to build the worlds most badass R34 GTT the way Nismo would of done it. I call it the "Nismo GTT500" where 500 stands for the number of horsepower the car will have and Nismo just simply because I like the way Nismo is building cars.

Upgrading brakes

After replacing the wheels the brakes seems kind of small, dont you think?

Brembo Brakes

So after some searching I found these adapters from Alphhaomega Racing

Evo Adapters

You´ll find the adapters here: Alpha Omega Racing Homepage

Now I just need to find matching rotors and pads besides the adapters.

Also need to replace tha master brake cylinder.

New Wheel & Tyresponsor - Welcome RotaSweden!

So finally got a solid wheel and tyresponsor with Markus at RotaSweden!

Rota Sweden

Checkout more stuff at Rota Sweden's homepage >>>

We will kick off this deal by putting on a set of Rota GTR in flat black 19" x 10,5 with some Bridgestone S001-tyres 275 x 30.

Rota GTR Wheels

Converting headlights

So it was time for the right hand drive conversion of the headlights. Got recommendations to use FVK as I´ve seen bad conversions. Klaus seemed to be very serious so I deecided to offer him the jobb.

This is a before picture:

Headlights Before Conversion

Here´s a picture of the finished conversion!

Headlights After Conversion

Embroding glas

So today I left my "topp lid" for the rear trunk speakerbox for it to be embroded! There is a 8mm thick glas disc, glued on to the mdf-board. It is my logo plus webadress that I want to be embroded:


Really nice guy at "Gravyr och Sportpriser" here in Växjö I have to say! Got a quick tour and he showed me all the different materials and mashines they use, and he was reallt proud of the new lasercutter! =) I think there will be more visits to this place!

Pimp my Intercooler!

Finaly got back the car and the intercooler from the painter!

And while the epoxy hardens I will give you an episode from "pimp my ic-guide"! =)

Dont want to many color on the car, more clean bad ass-look with not that many color combos, only black, white and red details. The front should have a mean look and I dont want to have a massive intercooler that sticks out, but still I want it to show because it looks better than regular mesh. So my thought was to paint it black. The problem is that you cant paint the small cooling fins, you will loose cooling effeciency because that they are so thinn. So I bought reagular black heatpaint and added a thin layer on the fins. Turned out great!

So after it got some paint on it looks like this:


After this stage it was time to gently peel of the maskingtape. Nice and slow....


After all of the tape was peeled of it was time to mask the painted cooling channels, I dont want to mess upp the new paint, thats the whole idea!


Found a small tape at Panduro that fit perfectly! It was double sided but that was no problem... Also masked the sides.


Now it was time to paint!


When the whole ic was painted and after peeling of the tape you could finaly starting to se the result:


Voila! Just as I had imagined! =)


Here is a alergyfriendly version!


How much cooling effeciency you loose I really dont know and someone else maybe has a comment on that, but I dont think that it matters that much.

Draping with Carbon and Epoxy!

Then it was time to test carbonfibredraping! =) Will start with some smaller pieces so you get the hang of it.

The door pillar garnish is first piece out because I wasnt that fond of the Nismo carbon-version that you stick on with adhesive tape.


After some reserch I first use 3M´s sprayglue so the carbon fibre-mat sticks to the surface. It is crusial to se which direction the fibres laied out first because you cant correct this afterwards. I wanted the fibres to go diagonally.

Turned out like this:

Carbon (a adivce: Dont cut the fibre-mat to small!!! Mine was baerly enough! The carbon fibre tends to spread on the edges.)

Now it will stay on till the morning when the epoxy will be used. Hope it will be good! =)

Then it was time for some epoxy!


As it was quite cold in the garage I used the heatinggun afterwards so the bubbles went away.

Here is the final result!


Kind of ok right? Just need to trim the edges...

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