The Black Beast - Nissan Skyline R34

Chapter One - The birth of The Black Beast

So guys this is me and The Black Beast! It is a Nissan Skyline R34 GTT-project that went wrong on they way somewhere... =) I bought the car from Japan 2008 and this car was just ment to stay stock due to the fact that I had a highly race inspired s13 in the garage as well that was supposed to be the "playcar". The R34 would be used more as a cruiser but for some reason it turned out to become a highly modified show/racecar winning a couple of awards. I honestly must say that I really didn't know what I bought. There was a person here that helped me get the car from Japan to Sweden but I had just seen 2 pictures of the car when I bought it. Yes I had blue eyes but I think it had to do with my splittup from my ex and turning 30 that just made me get the car without knowing what it was, I think I thought: well it's a skyline, what can go wrong with a car like that? When I got the car late 2008 it turned out to have a heavily modified body, widened about 40mm on each side with fiberglas, and with a stock engine. The paint was in bad condition, the glassfibrehood cracked on the inside, someone have broken into the car so the one of the handles were broken and bent, and they had stolen the DVD... I got some discount for this and that's where it all got wrong and I wanted a larger soundsystem and that's where it all got a wrong (for the better). The soundguy wanted the car for the next year show (Elmia) and how can you say no to that kind of deal when you get a big discount? =) The soundguy (Roger) got me in contact with a buddy of his (Reine) that would build the soundsystem in the car. I said I could help doing some of the electrical work and maybe learn a thing or two from a pro. When he first looked at the car and I said that the car needs som love to the paint he told me he knew a painter (Tobbe) that perhaps could polish the car but when Tobbe got to look at the car he said that if his name should be in the car it needed a full repaint, and That was probably the best decision because it have fibreglas "bubbles" all over the car where they have put the fibreglas panels. In 2010 the build came to a halt, my energy ran out and I put the car in the garage where it has stood since then due to other family project that got higher priority.